IOTA 2007 EU-047

This year we visited Borkum EU-047 (DID N-001) for the IOTA 2007 competition. Sabine (my YL) and I were on the island from 26th July to 30th July. The main focus was a short holiday and the IOTA Contest.

Location was on one of the camping places were we set up our tent with the glasfiber tower.


TRX: TS-480
Ant: 9m GP + SG230 Tuner, 4x10m Radials somewhere on the sandy ground.

It was planed to use a carbattery as power supply. Luckely we were able to use 230V power as our tent was on a place designed for caravans.

IOTA Contest 2007

Call: DF1LON/P
Operator(s): DF1LON
Station: DF1LON/P

Class: SO12CW LP
QTH: EU-047
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band CW Qs CW Mults Ph Qs Ph Mults
  80:   35    9    0    0
  40:  331   35    0    0
  20:  193   25    0    0
  15:    1    1    0    0
  10:    0    0    0    0
Total: 560   70    0    0 Total Score = 215,000

I made also about 200 QSOs on Friday on 17m/30m in CW. All QSOs have been added to my online logsearch .

The weather was not perfect. Especially during the nights we had very strong winds and a lot of rain. The only realy sunny day was Saturday were I took these pictures.


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News Flash

All LX/DF1LON QSOs uploaded to ClubLog.

Short unplaned activation from DLFF-014 with only 25w.

On the 26th May I did ~300 QSOs as LX/DF1LON. All QSOs are uploaded to clublog.