IOTA 2004 EU-057



This was my second IOTA activiation. We made a short detour from our holiday in Austria: Düsseldorf - Austria - Berlin - EU-057 - Berlin- Düsseldorf. As you might notice, Ruegen was not straigt on our shortest route.
We drove on Saturday morning to Ruegen and managed to find a suiteable compaing place for our tent and the hf equipment. Unluckely I did not take my powersupply with me, so I could only be QRV as long as my reserve car battery gives me enough power. Therefore it was only a 9h SSB low power (50w or less) operation. The vertical played only on 40m and 20m and had never realy satisfied me. I think that there was somewhere a loose contact at the 10m vertical so that only a smal part of it was used

Band  QSOs Pts Multi
3.5 1 3 0
7 103 657 14
14 101 771 33
21 2 18 1
28 0 0 0
Total 207 1449 48
Score: 69.552    



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All LX/DF1LON QSOs uploaded to ClubLog.

Short unplaned activation from DLFF-014 with only 25w.

On the 26th May I did ~300 QSOs as LX/DF1LON. All QSOs are uploaded to clublog.