After being last year the first time on the Isle Of Man (GD) for the WAE SSB 2006 as M/S we planned to go there again in 2007. Unfortunately Georg, DL1ECG, could not join me so I ended up as Single Operator. After 4 days about 2.617 QSOs were logged.

As we did in 2006 a lot of sightseeing on the Isle Of Man I decided to do less sightseeing this year (0%) and do more amateur radio (100%). So I booked an early morning flight on Thursday and a late flight back on Monday after the contest. Both flights were Düsseldorf<->Heathrow, Bus transfer and Gatwick<->IOM.

On Thursday morning I left my home at 05:50 so I was at the airport in Düsseldorf at 06:00. Easy if you just live one train stop away. At 06:15 I had my seat reserved and could make my way through the German security checks. I thought that it would be a problem to take my TS-480 in the hand luggage but as they do not know what it is, they did not pay attention to it. At 06:50 I was sitting in the airplane, ready for takeoff. At 07:30 we still had not moved. There was fog and light rain in Düsseldorf so we ended up at 1h delay in the early morning. At 08:30 UK time we were in Heathrow. But because of the delay we parked somewhere outside and had to wait 20min for a bus to take us to the terminal. After I fought my way through the terminal I had to wait additional 45min to get my luggage. Instead of taking my booked bus at 08:45 to Gatwick, I got the bus at 10:05. At 11:30 I was a Gatwick, held already my ticked in my hand and was ready for the security check. Alex, GD6IA, warned me that there is plenty of security check at Gatwick, with taking off shoes etc. After 30min I was lucky that I had passed the security check and made my way to the gate. After waiting just 5min we could enter the plan so we were ready for schedule takeoff at 12:30. Guess what? We had to wait again 30min before takeoff.

Finial I arrived on Isle Of Man. Alex, GD6IA, was already waiting for me, picked me up and we drove to his station. As there was no sightseeing planed I was on air immediately J I took my TS-480 with me for some RTTY activity as I was not sure if Alex had ever done RTTY with his setup. So I started CQ in RTTY on 20m and had a nice small RTTY pileup. Later on I paid attention to 30m and 40m CW. On 40m I could only work split as there were too much stations calling. On Friday I jumped between the different bands and modes and went to bed early for the WAE SSB.

At 00UTC Saturday morning I was ready for the pileups in the contest. Did I say pileup? I think it had been 80 QSOs in the first 8h. And it continued with low rates the next hours. There was a steady flow of European stations calling me. At the beginning I ignored them all but later on I worked them all. I had setup a second log for those not contest QSOs, otherwise I would have worked more EU than DX in the contest. Around 11UTC I turned the Beam to NA and left it there until 23UTC. At late night some East coast NA Stations were 59+60db on 20m. 15m did not open for me the whole Saturday (even no UA9). Because of the first night disaster I went to bed around 00:30 UTC and hoped that there might be AS on Sunday morning on 20m.

Sunday morning started like Saturday. I heard lot of EU station but nearly no DX. I was lucky to get my UA9 multi on 15m and some weak DX signals on 10m. At 10:30UTC I realized that I might get in trouble with the 12h breaks rule. So I was forced to go QRT for about 3h. This way I would be able to finish the contest until 23:59 because I hoped that 20m would open like on Saturday. So, what to do in a 3h break? I made a couple of 15m and 12m EU QSOs. The rate was sometimes around 360/h for the last 5min. This is how a contest should be ;-) Many were happy to get GD on 12m.

At 14 UTC I was ready for the contest and found 15m open to NA. I quickly collected all needed multis but I called CQ on 15m without any success. So I went back to 20m and stayed there until 23UTC. I jumped around to collect as many multipliers and QTC as possible. The last hour I was on 40m and was spot immediately. So I was able to do additional 50 QSOs on 40m with a lot of new multis.

80      43  0  21  10   52 0.98
40     107  0  33  96  203 1.00
20     925 16  68 541 1457 0.99
15      42  0  22  88  130 1.00
10       8  0   6  12   20 1.00
TOTAL 1125 16 375 747 1862 1.66
TOTAL SCORE : 698 250

IC756pro III + PA
4 ele SteppIR (20m-10m)
40m Delta Loop
80m Delta Loop

My second WAE contest in my life was over. Compared to other SOHP stations my QSOs number is in close range but my score is much too low. I have to increase the number of QTCs and especially the number of mults on 40m and 80m the next time. But both is not easy if you just have one TRX and no beam for 40m. This is a disadvantage compared to other SOHP stations with SO2R setup.

I sleep long on Monday morning and went on air for about 2h on 20m. So an additional 370 QSOs came in my log before I closed the station with 2.617 QSOs in my logs (including the WAE contest).


A bit tired but satisfied I was ready for my flight back to Germany. Alex, GD6IA, taxied me right in time to the airport for my 14:30 flight to Gatwick. And guess what, that flight had a delay of 45min. I was now getting slowly in very big trouble. Where was not so much extra time left like on my flight towards IOM. With 45min delay we arrived at Gatwick and I had to wait 20min for my luggage. I missed again my bus scheduled for 16:25 to Heathrow. I was happy to get the one at 17:05 and with a small traffic jam at Heathrow I was at the BA checkin at 18:35 confronted with a passenger queue of at least 30min. One of those nice looking BA helpers told me that neither I nor my luggage would make its way to my plan until 19:00 even if I would check in at once. I was lucky that they could book me on a Lufthansa flight at 19:25. But I had to hurry to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and through the security checks. At 19:25 I was in my seat ready for take off. Guess what? We had to wait 15min at Heathrow… 

After I landed in Düsseldorf I picked up my luggage and missed my train just by 5min. So I walked back home through light rain and was happy to be back home at 22:30. Anyway it was a great trip, many thanks to Alex and Val for the perfect host and for all those that have called in.

73 de Lars DF1LON / MD0LON

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